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BMW K75 K100 K1100

LED Instrument Cluster Upgrade

Fits all K75, K100 and K1100 models.

Crisper backlighting!  LEDs last forever!


After experimenting with lots of different types of LEDs, I now have LED kits to replace every single bulb in your instrument cluster.  I also still offer kits for the backlighting only as those kits offer the best bang for your buck.  All of the LED kits come with complete easy to follow instructions so don't worry if you've never opened up your instrument cluster

Better backlighting:  I have these installed in my own K bikes and the lighting is great. It's slightly brighter than stock but not obnoxiously so.  You'll be able to see the backlighting as soon as dusk starts to set in.

Why green is best for backlighting:

The reason I sell green backlighting kits is because that's what works best to illuminate the instrument cluster speedometer/tach plates as well as the LCD displays for the clock and gear indicator. Also, given how the human eye works, green is the best color for night which is why it is used by the military for night vision and FLIR.

I have experimented with many other colors (even ultraviolet "black light") and green really does work best.

LEDs last "forever": LED bulbs last "forever" and will definitely outlast even a K bike.  If you've ever had to pull your instrument cluster just to replace a stupid little bulb then you know what a hassle that can be. Once you've installed these LEDs, you'll never have to worry about that again.  If one of your bulbs is out now then this is the perfect time to upgrade to LEDs.

"Plug-n-Play"The LED bulbs in these kits are direct 12V replacement LEDs that fit into the BMW OEM bulb sockets so installing them is as easy as changing the bulb.  No special parts or resistors are required.

Instructions: Each LED kit includes complete instructions on how to install the LEDs.

All of the LED bulbs in my kits are brand new and have been tested by me prior to shipping. I've sold several hundred of these kits over the last ten years and have gotten nothing but good feedback about them.



US Shipping: $5

Non-US International Shipping: contact me at smithduck@gmail.com


When ordering please specify the model and year of your K bike.


Complete Kit to Replace Every Bulb in Your Instrument Cluster (a.k.a. "Normal LED Kit")



Complete Kit to Replace Every Bulb in Your Instrument Cluster with Additional Bulbs for Fuel and Temperature Gauges (a.k.a. "LED+ Kit")



Green Backlighting only for Instrument Cluster (a.k.a. "Backlight Only Kit")



Green Backlighting for Instrument Cluster with Additional LED Bulbs to Backlight The Round Fuel And Temp Gauges (a.k.a. "Backlight+ Kit")



"Upgrade Upgrade" - only the indicator bulbs - for people who have already upgraded the backlighting (a.k.a. "UU LED Kit")



SPECIAL OFFER:  If you buy $100 or more in other parts from me, then you receive a $5 discount on the LED kits

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CAUTIONARY NOTE regarding the charge indicator LED:  On some bikes, you'll notice that the charge indicator warning lamp is still lit once you've started the bike.  This is because the circuitry in the voltage regulator needs to be "excited" for the alternator charging circuitry to be kick in.  All you need to do, once the bike is started, is rev it up to about 2,000 RPM until the charge indicator warning lamp goes out.  Once the warning light is out, that tells you that the alternator is working to supply power to the bike and keep the battery charged.  If you just start the bike and let it idle without getting the light to go out then the bike will be running from the battery and can drain the battery. This is a non-issue.  I've been running these kits on my bikes for tens of thousands of miles and continue to do so without any problems..

Here's an example. This is a cold (34F) 1991 K75S with a 50 amp alternator:

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