K75 or K100 Ignition Switch & Seat Lock Removal


1) From the top, pry off the plastic ring that surrounds the ignition switch. You can do this with your fingernails.


2) You will then see a rectangular slot on each side of the ignition switch. Place a small screwdriver or other tool into each slot to depress the plastic tangs that hold the ignition switch in place. You should then be able to push the ignition switch down.



3) Removing the two bolts that hold the dash pad to the upper fork tree will make it easier to get the switch all of the way out of the dash pad.


4) Remove or pull back the gas tank in order to follow the ignition switch wiring to its connector and disconnect it.


Removing the seat/helmet lock (not for K1 or low seat models):

1) Remove the two small Phillips screws at the top of the seat lock. (5 above)

2) Remove the two 8mm (8 above) nuts from the two carriage bolts (6 above) that hold the seat lock to the frame.